One of those days, yanno?  Can’t quite get myself going.  I’m certain much of it is because I was sure yesterday was Thursday and woke up thinking, “At least it’s Friday.”  Surprise for me, it’s only Wednesday.

The girl saw the puzzle doctor yesterday, not so much fun.

Man Child went back to school.   We’re going to miss him, but I know he was more than ready.  For a last hoorah, he made bear claws with Flower Child.

Why yes, they do taste as good as they look.

Why yes, they do taste as good as they look.

One last dinner, I made a stir fry.  Actually two, one for the vegetarians and one for the flesh eaters.

IMG_0518 IMG_0519In between writing projects, I feel a little bit adrift.  This is fine, I’m not ready to start a new WIP (though there is a little seedling of an idea trying to put down roots).  It’s good to rest and recharge before getting lost in a new world.  The only problem is it leaves me looking around at my real world, noticing the dust on the furniture, the stains in the sinks, and the fucking freezing temperature outside.

I would like something tangible to look forward to.  I have to think about what it can be.  Something realistic and within my control.  Any ideas?

In the meantime, I give you my latest attempt to capture the moon.  This batch seemed more fuzzy than the last batch, but I’m fascinated, trying to figure out what the green splotch is.

Is the green thing a star?  Planet?

Is the green thing a star? Planet?

Sorting through the moon photos put this song in my mind, and it doesn’t want to leave.  I figure if I post it here, I’ll pass it on.



  1. Your moon is lovely, mrs fringe.

    Things to look forward to? How about some shooting stars streaking across a New York City sky? April 22, the Lyrid meteor shower. August 10th through the 13th, before dawn–the beloved Perseids. December 13-14, mid-evening until dawn, the Geminids.

    Keep looking up, mrs fringe. You never know what you’ll see.

    xoxo kk


    1. lol, you overestimate what I can see in the night sky, kk.

      very hard to see anything other than the moon and one or two stars on the most clear nights. 🙂
      But I will keep my head up–you too ❤


  2. wow he really should be a pastry chef (my personal one of course 😉 Looks amazing. all of it does. Bella Luna! great picture. How about looking ahead to a day at the beach with me?? 😀 We didnt get to do it last summer but We can really plan it this summer! (or just my sister’s salt water pool) I wish I had a summer beach house to invite you to but I can invite you to a day at the beach and some relaxing. I can not believe we a bracing for another storm! ENOUGH!!


  3. OMG! yes or just come stay with me!! We would have a blast, I can put the dogs in the basement/yard ! Can your DH live without you and the kids for a week? I just told Dave for my 25th ann I want to goto Hawaii. (4 more yrs) I would love to live there, in a HUT, Dave laughs at this, he said the first sight of a big bug and I would be screaming


    1. If I have to bring the dogs it isn’t a break. :p

      Yup, Husband is just fine without me. I say we leave ’em all behind and hop on a plane. First, we need a winning lotto ticket. 😀
      No fear, I will protect your from the big bugs. 😉


  4. Nice shots, I wonder if the green orb is a lens flare, that sometimes happens when you camera picks up the reflection of something very bright like a full moon. I usually try to shoot a few days before or after it’s full – it’s less bright so you can capture more detail. I love just the wonderful glow of the moon too – it’s amazing how bright it is. Well done!


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