Wednesday is Self Pity Day!

Red Wine Cheese Plate @ Artisan Wine & Cheese ...

Red Wine Cheese Plate @ Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellars (Photo credit: Lehigh Valley, PA)

Yesterday I had a decent writing day.  1000 words added to Astonishing, 400 probably salvageable.  I intended to have another decent day today.  Derailed.

First, I have to mull.  And think.  And obsess.  I’m debating whether or not to include a seksy time scene in the chapter after this next one, which will influence what and how I write this one.  Make sense?  Obviously, this makes playing online the best use of my time.  Plus, there’s the whole Nerd Child left to go back to school this morning and I’m going to miss him terribly.  Yes, yes, he’ll be back in under three weeks, but still.

I was on the writer’s forum, and there was an interesting discussion thread going.  The OP (original poster) is someone whose posts I always enjoy, sometimes thought provoking and often funny.  A master of self deprecating humor, and hey, I’m a New Yawkah, no one appreciates self deprecating humor as much as we do.  Add in the tortured writer thing, perfection.

I don’t often participate in these serious discussion threads.  Everyone, including me, gets all touchy–or worse, touchy feely–and then I sniffle because someone on the internetz hurt my feelings, sniffling leads to crying, crying leads to a headache.  I now have a fucking migraine roughly the size of Detroit.

English: A bottle of Excedrin's migraine formu...

English: A bottle of Excedrin’s migraine formula. Taken by myself today with a FinePix S700. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The discussion was about luck and how it factors into writing success, prompted by an interview with Alice Cooper having to do with luck and music.  The usual forum thread commenced, some saying yes luck is a factor, others saying no, luck has nothing to do with it, cream rises to the top blahblahblah.

What do “we” want as writers?  Readers, fame, glory, acclaim, money, contracts?  The list can be long when using the royal we, but for individuals it varies.  I’ve been vocal here in Fringeland about my desires, I’d like readers and a dollar.

Why did I post on that thread?  Clearly I haven’t felt shitty enough about myself and my writing this week, and after all it is self-pity day, so I chimed in with a thoughtful and eloquent whine speaking for myself and using supporting details and anecdotes about how I call bullshit on the idea that luck isn’t a factor.  Not the only factor, but certainly a factor.  If you include timing as part of luck, it becomes that much greater.

In my opinion it is both dismissive and disrespectful to state otherwise.

Don’t even think of acknowledging the rest of life, and any responsibilities that may sometimes need to take precedence.  Heh.  If you’re a real writer, you write, read, and submit every single day no matter what.  Screw those kids wanting to eat.  Or needing medical care.  You’re a writer.  But not a writ-ah, because that would be pretentious.

The very next post after mine offered a lovely statement, “getting readers is easy.”  Really?  Well then, perhaps it’s time for Mrs Fringe to pack it in.  Since it’s so easy and all, and I’ve been doing it for a long. fucking. time. at this point I should have thousands of followers for the blog, and gazillions more reading my fiction.  And with all those readers and followers, both agents and editors should be begging me to sign contracts.  Hrrumph.

I want to be clear, I don’t believe all is up to luck, or chance, or the rabbit’s foot I ran over with my banana seat bike.  A factor, though?  Yes.


Crying.. (Photo credit: Anders Ljungberg)


  1. I’m used to luck. I used to be in the music game and then I got out of it because even though I was told by several in the higher up circles that I had what it took to make it, it all revolved around a break. I had to have a break. Getting into it means you have to have a break. I might go back, I might try again, but I couldn’t exist in a world where I could toil forever doing my job only to see my work fold in front of me because 15 year old girls don’t like what I put out.

    And then I chose writing. God. I have a theme in my life.


    1. A fellow masochist, I see 😉

      I do believe in any art the largest percentage of success has to do with hard work and persistence, but certainly luck, timing…these are factors. It seems counterproductive to pretend otherwise.

      Welcome to Mrs Fringe, and thank you for commenting!


  2. Glad you got some words in on astonishing! I think whenever we’re working on something that we’re passionate about, the risk of opposition and the potential for our feelings to get hurt increase. Listen, I’m not trying to write a book but I’m trying to start a business. I know what I have to offer. I know I will add value on my good days. Then there are the days that others tell me just to get a real know? Anyway there are enough people in line to bring me down, so I don’t have to do that. I need to find ways to believe in my dream – it’s a fucking good one! I read this post today. It reignited my passion and so I want to share it with you.
    Hang in there lady. Astonishing is important!


    1. Thank you ((((((((Diana)))))))

      I want you to know I absolutely believe in you and your dream for your new business. What you have to say is important, and people hear the way you say it.

      I’m going to read that link now. ❤


  3. I believe luck is a factor. Take the crapfest that is the Fifty Shades series. Luck was definitely a factor to its success, not because of its prose. Should we write crap just because James got away with it and made millions? Heck no. We have standards. 😉


    1. Hi KE, and welcome to Mrs Fringe 🙂

      I haven’t read Fifty Shades, but I have read books that have really made me wonder just how they made it through the vetting process of agents and editors.
      :shrugs: another 1000 posts about how subjective this business is. 😉

      But yes, I stand by my belief; luck, timing, providence, whatever you want to call it…is a factor. 🙂


        1. Ahh, excellent! I often don’t know how people find me, and it’s nice to make the connection when there’s one to make 🙂

          I post irregularly, and rant about a variety of subjects, but we have some fun here in Fringeland 😉


  4. You got 1000 words written! That’s 1000 more than I did. I spent yesterday staring at my phone, willing it to ring, and getting into arguments on AW about why sweat shops are bad (seriously, I never thought I’d have to clarify why they’re bad).



    1. Thanks! The 1000 words was Tuesday, none yesterday–but 1100 today 🙂

      As for the rest…oh. my. wow. No, I wouldn’t think you’d ever need to explain why sweatshops are bad. I didn’t see that thread. Probably a good thing for yesterday, my head would have exploded. I’ll look for it this afternoon, though.

      I hope your phone rang–with good news. And promises of money. 😉


      1. Thankyew! It did ring, but no promises of money, lol. I was just waiting for le agent to call me and tell me they’ve started pitching le bewk, and they did! YAAAY. Heh, did you find the thread yet? It’s the “What topics are too racy for YA” thread…


        1. Super exciting!!! And the promises of money are coming. I’m guessing sooner rather than later. In fact, I’ve got this here penny in my pocket. ‘Murican. Of course, that doesn’t help you, but hey 😉

          I was answering emails, but I’m off to check out the forums now. 🙂


          1. Yes…all you have to do is work in a dangerously crowded room with explosives, poor lighting, no indoor plumbing, and 8 grains of rice for dinner and this penny can be yours!



          1. Woman, you gotta earn my trust…unless you have chocolate nearby. Or a pony. OH! A chocolate pony!


          2. Meh. I’ve resisted the block of dark chocolate with raisins and almonds in the cupboard ALL day. And now I can’t have it because it clashes with lemon water. Point is: you’re evil. Secondary point: I kinda dig ya. Kinda. 😉


          3. Is it a skull one with ruby eyes? If so, I’m yours. If not…I’m yours. Hell, you had me at chocolate chips.


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