Brooklyn Beach



Sand Snippets:  Those disjointed words, phrases, and sentences you hear when lying on a crowded beach.


–Russian I don’t understand


–Sal, c’mere, meet my friend Maureen, she’s single.


–Ice Cold Beer, Here, Nutcrackers!


Mira, coñaso!


–Russian I don’t understand


–and he cut her whole chest open, on her bed.  She met him online, shiiit.


–Hot Pretzels!


–Are you depressed?

I’ll be happy when I get my frappucino.


–More Russian I don’t understand


–Gimme the vodka




–I want an iceeee!


–Check her out


–I don’t wanna go in the water


–Fuck ‘em


–More Russian


–I hate this sand, so dirty.

Me too, and the water is disgusting.

Yeah.  You ready to go in and cool off?



–Russian commentary from a woman watching two guys playing chess


  1. Lol I want to know more about him cutting her chest open and them meeting online 😉 I am happy when I have my frappucino too! Glad you got your day at the beach! FINALLY some sunshine, about damn time.


  2. I’m with Susan!! I wanna know about the ones who met online and then she got cut open. I can’t believe you, knowing you were storing up these snippets for a blog entry, would be glad to miss the rest of that. For shammmmme Mrs f!! 😀

    Frappucino makes me very happy indeed, too.

    I hope the water was nicer than your last commentary implied. 😉 Your photo gives us a gorgeous sky and enough distance to make the water look pretty.

    I hope you had a lovely time at the beach today!


    1. Admit it, they’re more fun as snippets than full stories. That’s why we have fiction, reality is boring. Except when it’s horrifying. 😉

      Frappucino was the companion’s response, I don’t actually like them. *ducks and shields head*

      The water is fine. Not a tropical paradise, and you can’t actually see through it, but beach is always good, even Brooklyn style. 😀


  3. I enjoyed that, mrs fringe. Like your little title, too: sand snippets. I’m guessing subway snippets would be a different animal, huh? What else? Empire State Building Observation Deck snippets? Walking your fuzz bucket at 11:30 at night snippets? Public Library snippets? Public Rest Room snippets? Standing in line for a coney dog snippets?

    I just gave you a week of blog ideas. All you need now is time to get yourself situated, right? Post-it notes and a pen? Oh, and some really cool photographs to draw in your audience. We won’t talk about those, though. Touchy subject.



    1. LOL, subway snippets are too juicy to leave at just snippets.
      Walking the beasts, yup, yup, lots of good ones there. 😀
      Get that camera out, Missy–if I can post my lousy photos, you can too!


  4. What a great post this is! It made me smile for the first time in three days since we lost our little bird.

    When I lived in the city I always thought their beaches were awful – like these people who say the sand is dirty (lol) and how they hate it but they still go in. So familiar. I felt the same way but I remember not wanting to go back…. the beauty of crowded areas!


      1. Maybe I’ll go to the beach and put my towel really close to someone else’s. I’ll probably get a “what do you think you’re doing glare” because this place is so remote and there are so few people left. But still, i think it may be fun as the culture here is rather “particular”. All I need is one family. 😉


  5. Is that sand trucked in? When in WA state I saw two small beaches that wereh’t there a couple of years ago….white sand, and about eighty feet of it in both cases. Must have a pre-fab plan for “beaches” in the PNW. Barnacle-covered rocks, kelp, sea grass, and dead oysters just don’t sell the whole Vacation Beach image. Now, a good murder, with Jamie Lee screaming her head off…(maybe in Russian?)…that would bring back some tourists, and some good ‘ol summer memories.


    1. LOL, nope, the sand is part and parcel of the NY experience, not trucked in. I’ve been to WA beaches, not for me.

      The tourists rarely venture from the Coney Island rides and the aquarium, they peek at the beaches and run back to the subway.

      But yes, Jamie Lee would be welcomed by all. 🙂


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