Officially, but not exactly.  Happy belated Solstice!  A few more days, and the school year is over.  Today is a lazy day, and you get a lazy post to match.  I’m ready for summer, and so is Flower Child.

Speaking of flowers, remember those seeds we planted?  First blooms!



Morning glories taking over--but no buds yet.  The vines are now taller than I am.

Morning glories taking over–but no buds yet. The vines are now taller than I am.

Alyssum, with bunny tails behind (no blooms for the bunny tails yet)

Alyssum, with bunny tails behind (no blooms for the bunny tails yet)

Apparently my farming skills are on par with my photography skills; sometimes I’ll hit, mostly I won’t.  Still, I’m dreaming of a garden.  Flowers and veggies and fruit trees, oh my!

We haven’t gone on vacation in a long time, no plans to vacation this summer either, but we are planning on some day trips.  We talk about doing this every year, and then budget, timing, illness, all kinds of not fun things get in the way.  And the beach.  The call of the beach is normally louder than anything else for me.  But this year I believe we will venture out a bit.  Of course there will be beach days, but there’s something new, some part of me that wants to check out greenery outside of the confines of the New York Botanical Gardens.

Sending good thoughts and peace to my cyber friends dealing with these horrible floods in Canada.  Be safe!



  1. We have rain here but thankfully no floods. My daughter is in Canada, canoeing (#nofloodsplease). I will gladly do a house swap with you guys (and look after the dog/s?). I feel you could cope with my collapsing Edwardian pile 🙂 and enjoy London at the same time.


    1. Yikes, nerve wracking for your daughter to be in Canada this week, even knowing what a huge country it is.
      …collapsing Edwardian pile–you do know how to tempt a girl, don’t you? 😉


  2. Yay for flowers!! 🙂 I love it!! I hope you’ll have more to enjoy someday.
    We’ve eaten our first peas, and now the cucumbers and cherry tomatoes have their first flowers. Our first lily opened and my asiatics are getting ready to open- can’t wait. Gardening restores something so vital to my soul.


    1. I’m ridiculously pleased, everything was grown from seed, gives it another layer, yanno?

      I’m jealous of your veggies, next year I hope to plan a little better.

      BTW, I think new lily pics are needed for The Voice from the Backseat 😉


      1. I have a ton of pics to make into a gallery. I’ve been sooooo behind on my blog. :O I wanna show off my roses, now would be the time before the lilies start…


  3. Hooray for your garden. I put in some tomatoes or “maters” as they call them here. I have a 25 foot long ditch a plumber left in my yard and the fill dirt I bought hasn’t settled so I thought, why not?


      1. I will figure out how to make a lawn out of it in the fall. In the deep south there is a tradition of growing “lawn tomatoes” so it’s working with my “landscaping” 😉


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