Is It Over Yet?

Pass the watermelon, would ya?

Pass the watermelon, would ya?

I am ready to be smack in the middle of this photo.  My mind is, anyway.  The calendar says not yet.  Come to think of it, my abs aren’t so sure either, I haven’t worked out in way too long.  It can’t be bothering me that much, or I’d get my butt onto the yoga mat and start crunching.

Instead, I’m still working on the damned synopsis.  I have a completed draft.  It needs a gastric bypass, and then some serious CPR.

Little Incredibly Dumb Dog decided she’d help me out by eating my flash drive. This way there’s no evidence of those wasted hours when I hit the delete button, and I burned a few calories chasing her to get it out of her tiny, vise-like jaws.

Don't let the bad haircut fool you, she isn't innocent.

Don’t let the bad haircut fool you, she isn’t innocent.

Maybe if I put the printed synopsis between my teeth as I hold the chair pose, both flabby abs and prose will tighten up.


  1. Oh no!! – my pups rarely eat anything of value these days, if one ate my hard drive I think I might lose it. Memorial Day weekend is almost here – I’m using it as a finish line to get everything done so that I can play.


    1. I suspect this little one won’t outgrow eating things until her teeth have fallen out from old age.

      She’s very, very lucky she’s so cute.
      Memorial Day weekend…I like the sound of that! 🙂


    1. Hi Katie, welcome to Mrs Fringe!

      I’m glad you found me. 🙂 If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a “favorites” page you can click at the top of the page, and it will take you to links of posts that give a pretty good idea of the spectrum–and sometimes silliness 😉 of Mrs Fringe.

      Stick around and join the conversation!


  2. Battery Park, or my little stretch of sand? There’s a few empty lounge chairs this time of the year. The tourists are gone…people talk to each other…had bevvies with the town dentist at my favorite beach bar while the crazy woman I live with was shooting sand shots and sunsets. Not good enough for you? You New Yorkers…


  3. Crazy Woman? You might want to think about coming down here for a break. My beach is 8 miles long, less people than can fit in a voilswagon beetle, and – Crazy Woman? I might have some space in our, or, maybe my place. Crazy Woman?
    On my Way…


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