Knock Knock

Knock the Door !

Knock the Door ! (Photo credit: Elias Pirasteh)

Busy writing, busy reading, busy mamaing, busy stressing.

And a bit blue.  Probably from all the busying of daily life nonsense, and the need for warmer weather to stay for more than three days.  I’m not even going to mention continued problems maintaining a signal to stay online, and the fact that it took 3 hours to post this.

Last week, Man Child confirmed he’ll be staying in the area of his school this summer, he’s got a great job offer.  Fabulous on so many levels.  Not least of which because that’s my goal as a parent; independent, happy, thriving kiddos.  Then he called needing some information because he was on his way to the ER, a kitchen accident.

Evidence – Screaming Woman

Evidence – Screaming Woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He was treated, all is well, he even had a long weekend to recuperate.  I asked if he wanted to come home for a few days, rest, visit, etc.  No, he had plans.  No problem, take care of yourself, have fun, rest.  This is what I want for him, right? Right?

I love being a mama.  I love my kids.  I even like my kids.  I’m a human being, I have made mistakes as both a person and a parent, but mostly, I feel like I do a decent job.  In our house, we don’t run with the assumption that parents and teens/young adults are natural adversaries with different goals.  Objectively, I think it’s worked out pretty well so far.

But add over-busy to writing angst, stress, Flower Child missing her brothers, blueness, thinking of how many months before I see Man Child…well, mama brain goes into overdrive.  Maybe no matter what decisions Husband and I made, no matter how we tried to parent, we can’t do anything to avert the stereotypical outcome of our kids never wanting to visit, cataloguing our mistakes and couldn’t-dos….  Maybe he’s never coming to visit again!

Okay, okay.  Stop being a drama mama, suck it up, be happy that he calls.  Plant some new seeds with Flower Child, think about what kind of cake she’d like for her birthday later this week.  Flower Child and I were doing our Sunday stuff.  I’m sweeping the floor, and the front door opens.  Husband hasn’t been feeling great,  oh crap, he must really be sick if he left work.

I look up from my pile of dog hair and


It’s Man Child and his friend, Miss Lovely Music.  Just for the afternoon, Flower Child and I showed off our microscopic seedlings, they sat for a bit and then they went downtown to run a couple of errands.  Came back, chatted a little while more, and then left to surprise Husband for a few minutes at work before heading back to school.

That’s a long drive and a lot of gas money for two broke college students who had to be back at school last night, with no way of knowing if I would have cash to reimburse them (I did and I did).

Thank you.


sunrise (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


  1. Drama Mama – I love that! I agree, it is good to raise your kiddos to be independent, self-sustaining peeps. From everything I’ve read here, I think you’re an awesome mama!


  2. Oh what perfect timing!
    I love the word picture you painted for us, FC showing off each seedling with painstaking care and you quietly slipping gas money to Man Child as he goes out the door to top it all off. 🙂


  3. This is a wonderful post and makes me want to look for the good things in my present situation so thanks for that.


  4. Missing Man Child…planting new seeds…Ohhhh, Mrs. Fringe. I was expecting you to announce the impending arrival of a new Fringeling. Elec and net phasing…temblors I think…building should be shaking soon. Hope I have walls and a roof tonight.


    1. Bite your tongue! The trembling you’re experiencing is the horror of the cosmos at the thought of any more Fringe progeny. There’re only so many the world can take 😀
      Be safe!


  5. Oh, Huz has angered the God of Techtonic Plates. It’s coming – I can feel them. Please don’t suggest he mutilate himself…he’s a simple person…very suggestible, or digestible, and he hasn’t been speaking all morning. I think he took you seriously. Got to go rearrange the crystal and Chihuly glass.
    On my Way…


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