Spring Has Sprung Up in the Park

Central Park Photos


  1. Lovely, though I’m surprised to see that we’re quite a ways ahead of you with the budding and blooming. You guys have had a long, rough winter. Hoping you get a break, and some normal temps soon.


    1. Thanks! The past few days have been beautiful, though it’s going to end tonight. You’re in a more temperate climate than we are, so I’m not surprised you’re ahead of us in blooming. I just hope we don’t drop below “normal” now that everything has begun poking out buds and blooms. 🙂


    2. What zone are you? I am 6 here, I think NYC edges toward 6b. Spring was a bit delayed here due to all the late snow but my area’s “safe” date for last frost isn’t till mid May.


  2. “Some kind of bud…” What you got goin’ on there, Mrs. Fringe – if that isn’t an alias. I’ve been feeling kind of weird, with people like yourself who I communicate with dealing with the savage winters I dealt with in Ohio, Illinois, and northern Pennsylvania for too long, and posting all these pictures from a country where it’s eternal spring and summer. Guilt weighed heavy on the scribbler’s head…until happy hour and sunset. Hadn’t seen this photographic side of your talents.


    1. After posting, I wondered who would be first to make a bud joke 😉 Actually, there was a distinct smell of skunk in the air as I took those photos. I could have titled the post Contact High in the Park.
      Don’t feel guilty, those photos got me through this hideous winter!
      No talent to my photography, any decent shots are pure luck. Plus, trees, flowers, and bushes are much more cooperative subjects than fish and corals. 😉


  3. “Pretty blue flowers” + “blooming” = glory of the snow! Mine JUST started opening today! My first daffofil opened today, too. Of course, I have pics… 😉

    Love love love the photos.


    1. Thanks Diana 🙂 I have a terrible sense of smell, so to tell you the truth I only notice the scent of the ones that are strongly perfumey, like hyacinths or lilacs. But I swear the sun has its own scent when the weather is warmer–like baked bread. I also notice roses, cause I’m allergic to those. 😉


      1. It’s funny how a name changes the perception of an animal. We have “morning doves” here – they are the same bird with a different pattern. They are beloved. Pigeons, not so much.


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