It’s a Beautiful Day–Join Mrs Fringe for a Guiltshake!

English: One of the "shakes with a punch&...

English: One of the “shakes with a punch” at Hot Chocolate at Docklands. Whiskey, Baileys, Very Vanilla & Bee Keeper ice cream, dark chocolate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been having problems getting online for weeks.  Initially I thought it was my laptop, it’s old and freezes up on a semi-regular basis.  Then Husband, Nerd Child, and Flower Child were all having problems with their devices.   At first it was sporadic, but over the past couple of weeks it’s been a daily hassle to stay connected for more than 2-3 minutes at a time.  I thought it was connected to the jackhammering they’ve been doing on the corner.  We reset the little box thing.  We called the cable company.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Then I started asking neighbors, but no one else is having a problem.  Hmmm.  It occurred to me it had to be something in our hardware.  We’ve had our router for a long time.  Really long.  Purchased when there were fewer and less powerful computers using it.  So I asked my fish freak buddies (yes, they know everything) and they told me it likely is my router.  By yesterday, we couldn’t stay on for more than a minute without getting cut off.  Ugh.

Why is this such a big deal?  Because a couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a present.  I had done several extra dog walks and was feeling beaten by winter, so I splurged.  I bought an e-reader.  I love it, it’s made me happy, and I’ve been skipping along, pleased with myself.  Except now we need a new router.  We don’t have any extra money right now (like this would be different a month ago, or a month from now, ha!).  I didn’t buy a fancy e-reader, you can’t surf the web with it, but still, I could have bought a router with that money if I had realized then what our internet problems were.  I would have still had the money if I had put it to the side for Flower Child’s upcoming birthday pedicure, the way I should have.

A macro photo of a Maraschino cherry, taken wi...

A macro photo of a Maraschino cherry, taken with my Fuji S7000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s the double ugh glazed with extra guilt cherry on top.

What a selfish bitch.  A good mommy would have waited another three years for the e-reader, making sure no one needs anything before spending money on something so frivolous.  Am I the only one who hears that voice?

Husband went to go buy a new router.  We have stuff for the kids’ schools that needs to be done where we must have a somewhat reliable internet connection, and Husband needs it for work.  Ok.  I’ll swallow the cherry, figure out where I can tighten the budget this week.  He asked if I wanted to go to the store with him.  No, I didn’t.  I was writing, and only had a couple of hours before I had to dogwalk.

Husband came home with the SuperDuperMegaRouter.  I would have gone to the next store, in search of the EconoRouter.   And this is me, choking on the stem.  Funny how that guilt never completely gets digested, but it sure is absorbed.

But it is still a beautiful day, so I’ll share a spring in Central Park photo, just in case you’re one of the blessed ones who can decline a guiltshake on an early summer day.  I was going to upload a bunch, but apparently the SuperDuperMegaRouter doesn’t care to do too much fraternizing with Ricketyoldlaptop.

From a distance, the trees are still saying winter, but when you get close...

From a distance, the trees are still saying winter, but when you get close…



  1. First of all, I want that shake and I want it NOW.
    Second of all, You needed the router, and couldn’t have anticipated needing it when you bought the econoreader when you no doubt coulda rationalized the Kindle Fire HD. Spit out the cherry, ok?
    Thirdly? Third of all? Eh. Not your problem your dh went all crazy on the router. Give up the stem.
    *tough love, from someone who really ought to stop eating those cherries by the bowl too*


    1. It’s a beautiful wonder fantastic day here too! I spent money I shoulda spent on groceries last night on pansies, potting soil and the most expensive garden shears on the shelf cuz I am tired of giant blisters. And I smashed the jar of cherries. Lol.


          1. Ahhh, according to Pansy: The whole flower is edible, sepals and all. Pansies have a mild, minty flavor. The flowers work well for candying and make great decorations on top of hor d’oeuvres and cakes.*thinking… 😛


    2. But I can’t resist the cherries, carcinogens and all. Of course, you’re prolly too young to remember the whole maraschino cherry/red dye # deadly thing, lol.

      The shake does look good though, doesn’t it? 😀
      Thanks ((((((SnapIn)))))


  2. culda wulda shulda, STOP IT! and No, you aren’t the only one. My DH made a lot of extra $$ due to the OT from Sandy and wanted to show his appreciation for me taking care of things during his absence so he gave me a LARGE $ gift for Christmas with the stipulation it was ALL for me not the kids. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t take it and spend it on myself. I made him take it back. I told him I was very grateful, I would take SOME of it as I need it but I was wracked with guilt. He thought I was so ridiculous. Why do we feel so guilty taking care of ourselves?


    1. Thanks Diana. It’s just a crazy life, hanging on the fringe. Like everyone else, there’s always an unexpected expense, but how those unexpected expenses affect everything else, blah.


  3. What a perfect Just-Got-From-Happy-Hour post to read. Now I’m going to go and meditate on my past…see if I have any guilt to assuage while screaming “Dos mas…dos mas…” at the bartenders at 5:28, two hours before the world goes dark. And routers…just drill a hole through the wall – if you’re neighbors got good netz. Just saw a new house for sale here…but you have to think about the wind blowing, and ICE trying to get the internet back online for two days.


      1. The house is on the beach…the entire front is windows, and probably about half a million a window. But I know what rents in Nueva York are, so I’m sure you can swiing a cottage like that. Maybe a photo is in order. And, three beach clubs in a row with happy hours convenient to moving from one to another, to another. Added bonus.


        1. Sounds amazing, yes, picture please!
          LOL, if Mrs Fringe had to pay market rent, we’d be living in a cardboard box.

          Now that you mention it, it must be happy hour…somewhere :p


          1. Cardboard? Is your middle name Frivolous? Corrugated tin, driftwood, palm fronds, found boards, wire from hay bails…these are the building materials Ticos build with. Yes…photo…for sale sign might even have the price on it. Start packing. The dogs here run wild, so a change of occupation would be in order…such as surf instructor or sand castle inspector.


          2. Nice, I believe those materials all qualify as environmentally friendly :p Bathing suit, check! flip flops, check! I’m ready.

            What, no dog poop for me to inspect? I suppose I can inspect sandcastles instead, or maybe quality assurance for island happy hour…


  4. Well, now you need a laptop or a fancy schmancy reader that you can run the WP app on 🙂 I hate when I buy something and then see that I have an unexpected expense come up. You’re enjoying the reader, you are back online. Nothing to be guilty about. Have a guilt-free shake!


    1. LOL, I dream of a new fancy shmancy laptop, but no trimming of the budget can make that one appear 😉
      I am enjoying the reader–back online is questionable, my laptop and the router are playing coy with each other.

      Maybe I’ll have just a sip :p


      1. LOL – just don’t drink too much.

        I get as many miles as possible out of a laptop – I think mine is about 4-5 years old now and I think it’s got a lot of life left in it. I started doing posts from my reader – the ones with no captions, that’s the only thing you can’t replicate.


    1. I *think* you still need both if the internet is coming through the cable, and the new one acts as both. I think. My understanding of the hardware is very limited. 😀


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