And Then There Was One

Too sexy for the catwalk

Too sexy for the catwalk

Last night when I shut the tank lights, I had two sexy shrimp doing the can can on their favorite rock.  This afternoon, when I put the lights on, I still had two, but one was a dried out spotted blob, on the wrong side of the mesh screen covering the top of the tank.  Stupid shrimp. I hoped it was just a molt, propelled out of the tank by the newly powerful pumps, but with inspection, there seemed to be some meat inside.   Self sacrifice for Good Friday?  The photo above is the one that’s left.



  1. Really sorry to hear this, but also relieved. When I read that one of your favorite ‘critters’ had committed suicide, I thought a human critique partner had died. Phew! Sorry about the shrimp!


    1. Eek! Glad you read through to see it was a critter, not a crit-ter 😉 Losing the shrimp is sad, losing a person to suicide, devastating.

      Welcome to Mrs Fringe!


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