Limerick Tuesday

Limerick - MÓR Disco, Every Tuesday

Limerick – MÓR Disco, Every Tuesday (Photo credit: infomatique)

Yes, yes there is such a thing as Limerick Tuesday.

It’s the fourth Tuesday in February, when I want to post something, but I’m too dazed to write something deep or clever.  Why am I dazed, you ask?  It’s the effects from the overwhelming stench in the cab I took with Flower Child when I picked her up from school.  She was tired, there was some type of brouhaha happening on Broadway that resulted in many police cars whizzing past with lights and sirens going.  Seemed like the perfect day to splurge on a cab. I’m pretty sure that cabdriver must have had a pico reef hidden in the trunk, because that was the gut clenching, every muscle recoiling smell of dead sea critter.

Luckily, I already made some progress on the WIP today, so I’ll just give the update in limerick.

There was a young lady called Frag Hag

Who lived in a magical grab bag

But one day her reef

Gave her such grief

Her virtue;  Twas lost to a scumbag!

Jester's sceptre

Jester’s sceptre (Photo credit: sleepymyf)



  1. Oh, ick! (To the part about the cab stench.) Your powers of description are showing. 🙂

    Cute limerick though!

    Today I decided there has been too much doom and gloom in my own writing and wrote something more upbeat, which will probably go up tomorrow. This after waking up feeling like leftover dead things were occupying my braincase.

    I feel better now, hope you do too. Not sure I have the mental focus to write a limerick myself, so you’re doing well! (Maybe I will try one though, I used to be able to do that stuff….)


    1. I look forward to seeing what you post–though I’m not picky, doom and gloom works just as well as upbeat for me 🙂 There’s something to relate to either way!

      I’m glad you had fun with this post, I had fun writing it–things like limericks only work for me if I don’t try to make them “good,” kwim?


  2. Okay, lessee:

    There once was a writer of words
    who lived in a housefull of nerds.
    She wrote what she had to
    and they were all glad to
    chitter chat like some twittering birds.

    LOL! Well, it rhymes and all that, but I have no idea what I just said. And it is not meant as a comment on either present or absent company. 🙂


  3. Just another typical day in the Big Apple? I have an extreme sense of smell , such a rotten thing to have. I would have puked

    lol, your ditty is quite witty! I expect this EVERY Tuesday from now on. Thanks for the much needed chuckle 😉


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