SAD Sunday Blues

I have a very specific distaste for Sundays.  Something about them has always stressed me out, it’s the day I’m most likely to feel depressed (especially during the winter), regardless of what days I was working, what’s planned for the week, etc.  It doesn’t help at all that the temperature outside is dropping again, with the wind blowing garbage on and off my terrace.  This is my official Sunday song:

Oh Aretha, her voice makes my heart weep.  Very unfortunate that my rendition makes everyone else’s ears weep.

Not a terrible day today, as Sundays go.  If I ignore the fact that it’s been a full week since I had a reasonable and uninterrupted night’s sleep.  I got a positive critique for the short story I worked on last week.  Man Child helped me do the shopping before he leaves for school this evening.  And yes, now he’s totally back to school, not popping in and out during his internship. The week’s gumbo is made for the dogs, Flower Child and I have at least four days worth of clean underwear, and it’s a four day weekend for FC.

I did some writing this morning, not enough, but some, back to the WIP.   Whenever I have to close the file, stopping earlier than I want to, I always swear I’m going to write again later in the afternoon or evening, but it just doesn’t happen.  Lose my focus, lose my energy.

So what do you do on your blah days, when you can’t just go back to bed, but also can’t be productive in the way you’d like?

Flower Child is feeling a little better, able to eat a bit again, so I made cookies.  Now someone tell me how to avoid going into the kitchen until tomorrow, so I don’t have to see the pot from the gumbo and the bowls from making the cookies.

Here, have a snickerdoodle, it will help you think.

I'm pretty sure enough cinnamon will cure anything, including the Sunday blues.

I’m pretty sure enough cinnamon will cure anything, including the Sunday blues.


  1. OMG, snickerdoodles! You have no idea how much I love snickerdoodles. Does your recipe use cream of tartar or cornstarch? I am looking for a recipe that uses neither (I have heard tell that one exists but have yet to track it down.) (No I didn’t click yet to see if you shared your recipe.)

    I have a history of disliking Sundays, particularly Sunday afternoons around 4 pm. blargle. Wonder what that’s all about, eh?

    Anyway, here’s to an upbeat or at least interesting Monday.



    1. Cheers to Monday! Wait, that didn’t sound right :p

      This recipe uses cream of tarter, but I have a brown sugar cookie recipe that uses neither, and I can take a look for snickerdoodles w/out cream of tarter or cornstarch for you.
      Also, welcome to Mrs Fringe! I hope you come again, today is quiet, but we get some interesting discussions here 😀


    2. Welcome to Mrs Fringe, Kyla! 🙂 Today is quiet, but we have some interesting discussions around here, I hope you’ll stick around 😀

      This recipe uses cream of tarter, but I can look for a different recipe for you, I’ve got a gazillion cookbooks–or, I’ve got an excellent brown sugar cookie recipe.

      Cheers to Monday–wait, that didn’t sound right :p


  2. Those snickerdoodles look wonderful. 😀
    Blah day here. Blah weekend. Hard to be productive when your head is blowing up (your exploding planet pic from not long ago comes to mind the last few days.) I did in fact hit the couch with a couple rx pills for most of the morning and for the most part limited “productivity” all weekend to what the children could help accomplish. My house shows it but well… life goes on. :/

    On the more run of the mill blah days I try to focus on the little stuff if the bigger stuff is just not coming together the way I want it to. And i’ve been trying to delegate. The teenagers won’t do stuff my way (and that is ok, as i remind myself every 14sec) but they can do a LOT (which is good for all of us!)


    1. 😦 ((((((Hugs)))))) I hope your pain eases and the problem is gone within the next few days. No one needs to be held back by pain, and you do have too much on your plate.

      A great big yes!! to delegating. So important that we learn to let go, it’s ok if things aren’t done the way we would do them. I’ve gotten much better at this, but I still have plenty of room for improvement.


  3. Snickerdoodle? I’ve never heard of those, yet somehow I want one now! I work Monday to Friday and Sunday is still my favourite day, weird huh? I hope it warms up for you soon and while I’m wishing, I hope someone surprises you and does your dishes for you!


    1. LOL, Snickerdoodles are simple but yummy cookies, lots of cinnamon inside the dough, and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar before baking. 🙂

      I hope it warms up for all of us, it should be beach time!
      I’m glad you enjoy Sundays, someone should 😉 No surprise dishwashing for me, it’s just me and Flower Child. Unless, of course, Big Senile Dog gets up to the sink and licks them clean. Ewwww. lol!


  4. Sunday angst here, too…although not so much when kiddos don’t have school in the morning. Not bc I’m chomping at the bit to spend a(nother) day stuck in the house with them, but just the ease of not having to be somewhere at the crack of dawn.

    Recently made snickerdoodles for the first time in ages. I’m not sure my recipe has cinnamon in the dough, though. Definitely cream of tartar. Yummy!


    1. I’m not sure I have any recipes that don’t include either a ton of cinnamon or a ton of garlic–regardless of what the original page said 😀
      Yes, it is easier when there’s no school the next day, but there’s still that melancholy something…


  5. Pooh-osity levels low…re-charge. I battled ICE, the national supplier of inernet all day. Sunday was not good to me. I wrote crap…no big dog to lick dishes…I can’t live without a culture any longer. Snickerdoodles are an option, but all I know how to cook is rice and beans. Garlic more appropriate. Hope all goes better in the World of Fringe…only a few more hours. Is it a holiday, with kids not in school? I’m always the last to find out.


    1. Looks like you won your battle with ICE, bravo! 🙂
      Rice and beans sound good to me, always.

      NY public schools are closed until Wednesday (tomorrow is Presidents’ Day), this week was scheduled to be the mid-winter break, but they took three days back because of the days lost to Hurricane Sandy.
      Nerd Child goes to private, he has no break until March, and Man Child’s new semester starts this week, he’s been doing an internship for the last two and a half months.

      Yes, tomorrow is another day, here’s to better days for all ❤


  6. it is a perfect cookie for this very windy day. I was very lucky with the weather when I was traipsing around yesterday. I am cracking up at your last comment, I am the same, all recipes should include tons of garlic or cinnamon. Sunday nights are so woeful. I usually end mine with a stomach ache 😦 At least we are off tomorrow!! I am glad the girl is on the mend. Is it possible to stay at home and stay out of the kitchen? 😛 At least we have a short week!!


    1. You and I need to cook together. No idea what we’ve put in besides garlic and cinnamon. “Just eat it, it’s good!” :p

      I’m sorry you get the Sunday night agita 😦
      But yes! Off tomorrow and Tuesday, right? 😀


      1. YUP!! We would have a great time in the kitchen. Dave said if I could figure out a way to get garlic in pancakes, I would do it. poor Nick is only off Monday! He is pretty mad that I am off Tuesday. He lost a lot of days due to Sandy.


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