And the Winner Is…


Bingo! (Photo credit: jadensmommy)

Hey Artist, Got a Dollar?

Submitted to the Reader’s Choice blog 5 minutes ago.  Thanks to all who played along and cast a vote! I have wonderful friends, both online and off.

It’s 7PM on Friday of a three day weekend, woo hoo!  I’m getting ready to meet Fatigue for Friday Night Madness in a little while, and I am more than ready.  Ready to go be a grown up for an hour, and ready to happydance. Don’t worry, kids!  I’ll limit my dance to a squirm in my seat, it’s so upsetting to the 20 somethings when they see a middle aged woman get excited.  I’m lowering my cholesterol through exercise–and then I’ll raise it back up with an order of nachos.   I know there’s a pint of beer waiting for me, I hope it doesn’t go flat before I get there.  I’m certain it won’t be warm, because it’s about 2 degrees here in New York tonight.

Why am I happy?  Because today, for the first time in a long time, I felt my rhythm while I was writing.  Not just tweaking, editing, revising, not just forcing my butt to stay still and write, but really felt it. This WIP is a romance, but the setting was one I originally conceived of a few years back for a magic(al) realism short story.  I’m going to try to graft the two seeds, growing them into something new for me.  Will it work?  I’m really not sure, but I’m very, very excited, in that way that only a woman who likes to play with characters inside her head can be.


WTF? (Photo credit: mayhem)


  1. Wonderful!!! See, I knew you’d submit the right one. 😛
    I hope Friday Night Madness was a lovely escape, and hooray for feeling the writing the way you did today. 🙂 May you have many more days like this!


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