Deep and Meaningful

I wanted to write something of value for my Fringelings on New Year’s Eve. Something personal yet inclusive, inspirational without being hokey.  Spent the morning paging through poetry books, googling quotes.  I got nothing.

This year I will work towards more, I will work towards better, I will work towards feeling like enough.

Veritate et virtute “with truth and courage”

Happy New Year, I’m wishing the very best to all my readers, fellow bloggers, and anyone else who happens along.

Just in case you need something to get you in the mood:

An old timer’s New York New Year’s gift


  1. Proud to be called a “Fringeling!” You don’t have to come up with a spectacular quote or saying for this occasion. Your words are ENOUGH for us! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, friend! Hope 2013 is everything you dreamed of and more!


  2. Sometimes deep and meaningful doesn’t need a lot of words. 🙂 I mean… Think how many people go through their entire life without ever admitting they have the right to “feel like enough?”

    2012 threw a lot of challenges at your family, and I know 2013 will continue to do so. Wishing you & your family the strength and courage you need to keep on moving forward, and YOU the little bit of extra to be able to carve out what you need to be what you are stretching out for. ❤

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me.


    1. The realities are what they are, right? But I CAN strive for the rest, and make parts of it better. Thank you, for sharing strength and smiles. I’m wishing you and yours peace and courage for the New Year. xoxo


  3. Happy new year, Mrs Fringe!

    I find it best not to make resolutions, but just to plod along as normal – or what passes for normal. That way I’m not disappointed.


    1. I get it, and that’s my norm. But I’m trying something different this year–though I’m thinking more along the lines of goals than resolutions.

      Happy New Year, Val!


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