Tis the Season

I think she's pretty, am I done now?

I think she’s pretty, am I done now?

And, as usual, I’m unprepared.  Can’t say as always, because some years I’ve been relatively on top of things, but not usually.

I haven’t prepped a thing, haven’t so much as taken the Christmas boxes down from the closet, no clue what any of my kids would like, haven’t even purchased a box of candy canes–which I usually do right after Thanksgiving. I know, if Nerd Child reads this, he will think, “I told you I wanted ____.” I know he did tell me something, but my brain is like a sieve these days (heh, who am I kidding? has been for years), if it isn’t written down any thought drains away.

I did buy one new snow globe yesterday, see above.

Husband has a cousin whose home is always perfectly, tastefully decorated for the holidays. The woman could have been a window dresser for Saks, her eye is flawless. It’s the type of talent you either have or you don’t. I don’t, but I love to admire the efforts of those who do.

I like to know what the kiddos and Husband want for Christmas, not just taking a stab in the dark.  A lot of that is due to the budget, if we don’t buy them the item they reeeeally needed/wanted, that’s it for quite a while. I am not hitting the after Christmas sales on December 26th.  Husband is easy, he always wants clothes. Well, easy except for that whole pilgrimage to 34th St in the holiday season, but I’ll save that for another post. A couple of times over the years I saved and splurged and bought him toys instead of clothes (an iPod, a GPS), and my sense was that he still would have preferred to see those red boxes from Macy’s.


Tiffany’s (Photo credit: peterjr1961)

For several years, Husband and I admonished each other not to buy each other anything. I’m not going to say that anymore. He knows I’m going to buy him something, I know he’s going to buy me something.  Do I have a wish list? No. Things go in and out of my head all year long, but when it comes time to Husband asking me what I would like (usually around 11PM on the 23rd, sometimes 2PM on the 24th), my mind goes blank.

If I really push myself, I turn into Marilyn Monroe singing “Santa Baby,” picturing jewels and deeds. Or Elmer J Fudd, with a mansion and a yacht. Around 6AM  Christmas Day I remember that I’m wearing the same pjs that I’ve been wearing in the photos for the past 7 years, could have asked for those, 10AM I look at the wreckage of wrapping paper and boxes from the kids’ gifts and sigh over my imaginary iPad, around 3PM, I remember the paring knife I could have used.

Do you have a wish list?

Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Are you certain we are not related somehow? My wish? Health and happiness for Family and Friends in the years to come. Yeah, yeah… I know. It is true though. ❤


  2. We’re never too old for that feeling–the excitement–that comes when someone hands you something unexpected. That something can be tangible or not; getting handed a challenge, for example, can be equally exciting to getting the keys to a car (not that that’s ever likely to happen). That said, the real thrill is in the giving, isn’t it?


  3. I made one on pin interest for my birthday, that was fun. I got a lot of lovely things for the birthday and my thing wants are satisfied so i think dan is just getting some bits off it he didn’t before and a sewing machine for the family really as my 35 year old one died this year.
    As for the rest gasps! how can you sleep at night, I will come over and get you sorted! lol x


    1. LOL, I got a trip to the ER with hubby for my birthday, so I’m thinking it won’t take much for Christmas to be a huge improvement 😉

      What, you mean admiring the displays around the city doesn’t count as me having decorated? 😀


    1. A sushi maker would be a very cool surprise gift 🙂
      I can’t even think what would made a good surprise present for me. Gah! Secret’s out, Mrs Fringe is boring 😉


  4. I didn’t think I had a list, but then I thought of one thing (and made up an Amazon wish list so I wouldn’t forget what it was). Then I thought of another thing. And another.

    Oh…and one more…gotta go add to that list!


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