Self Aware…or Self Involved?

An illustration from page 30 of Mjallhvít (Sno...

An illustration from page 30 of Mjallhvít (Snow White) an 1852 icelandic translation of the Grimm-version fairytale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Among my many obsessions; lack of space/privacy, and the Real Housewives franchise.

I was catching up on the ladies in Atlanta (love them!). There was a scene where one of them was whining about losing her rental home, and possibly being forced to move back into her townhouse with her husband, 4 kids, and 2 dogs. I’m watching, and grooving on this scene. I can relate!  Oh wait.

The townhouse she might move back into is 5000 square feet. Five thousand. Pfft. That’s more than six? seven? times the space I live in with Husband, Man Child, Nerd Child, Flower Child, Big Senile Dog and Little Incredibly Dumb Dog. Frankly, not even my dream home is 5000 square feet.  Who wants to clean all that?  Except this Housewife seemed genuinely freaked out, concerned about how they would be able to live in such a small space.   This episode captured me, and has me thinking about the many people in this country (including but not limited to the thousands in NYC whose homes are destroyed or uninhabitable because of Hurricane Sandy) who would be happy to have my overcrowded apartment to live in right now.

Where's your light bulb, Uncle Fester?

Where’s your light bulb, Uncle Fester? (Photo credit: apollonia666)

Lightbulb moment, right? Angels singing, I felt the light-in-me recognizes the light-in-you connection of it all, and I smiled looking at the crap piled along the windowsill. Not really. Because despite my recognition of spoiled American capitalist values, well, I’m a spoiled American who was bred and raised in this capitalist society. As such, I want to keep my stuff, have more space, and enjoy some privacy.

But, I will remember the moment, and the honest it’s-impossible look on Dream Home Atlanta Barbie’s face when talking about living in a 5,000 square foot home, and think about those I come across or walk past in my little corner of the world who are puzzled by my complaints.

Let’s be honest, the very fact of this type of blog epitomizes self involvement, regardless of how self aware I might try to be.

Heh. Check out Mrs Fringe, being all Zen and the Art of Selfishness and shit. Or would that be zazen?

Cover of "Remember, Be Here Now"

Cover of Remember, Be Here Now


  1. I know someone who had a nervous breakdown because she was on the waiting list for the latest “it” bag. She didn’t think she could cope with being seen in public WITHOUT the bag. In her circle, people actually felt sorry for her…
    It just shows that stress means something different to everyone!


    1. Very, very true, stress means something different to everyone.

      I tend to think there were underlying issues with the woman you described, but who knows? Perhaps someone would say the same about me.


  2. Self-awareness can be over-rated. Self-involved, on the other hand, makes for a wonderful blog. You know I watch those ATL Housewives for comic relief but all too often end up annoyed. As your other comments suggested, I think Kim is a bundle of issues all screaming for a little therapy. Take care.


    1. Self-awareness can be overrated. That could be my new motto. Wonder how you’d write it in Latin? 😉
      I end up annoyed too. I’ve never been a sports fan, don’t see the appeal, but I’m beginning to see a connection btw following the Housewives and following the Jets/Nicks/Rangers etc. 🙂


  3. And when we feel cramped in our 1,000 s ft, there are people in other countries with even more people in that much space. I recently re-watched my fave movie, Dr. Zhivago — always amused by how their private mansion is taken over after the Revolution by so many people. I always love Lara’s teeny tiny apartment in Yuryatin…all two rooms of it. Cosy wins.


    1. Very true. Even in this country. There are entire families living in the SROs up the street from me.

      Dr Zhivago, it’s been ages since I’ve seen it. I’m sitting here watching It’s A Wonderful Life with Flower Child, maybe this week is going to be old movie week. 🙂

      Sometimes cozy is wonderful, other times it’s plain old squishy, lol!


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