Dear Hope,

#ds308 - Out of Luck

#ds308 – Out of Luck (Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

Regretfully, this is a letter of resignation.  After working for you without a day off for the last 40,ooo years, I feel it’s time to move in a new direction.

So there is no misunderstanding, I  have accepted a full time position with your competitor, Drudgery. I confess, I’ve been moonlighting with Drudgery from the beginning of my tenure with you.  Unlike the hierarchy here at Hope, where executives walk into their positions with their pockets full, and worker bees are expected to turn their pockets inside out as they pass through the security checkpoint; Drudgery is a true collaboration, with no false benefits.

In the beginning, I was excited to have the opportunity to work for you, believing that one day, I would be made a full partner in the firm. Instead, I was forced to spend my days bringing coffee to Wait and See, and make endless, useless copies for Maybe One Day. There is no teamwork anymore, no excitement when I catch a glimpse of your star partner, Acceptance. I worked tirelessly as an advocate for Acceptance, touting him as the yin to your yang, believing this was how I would get my own office with the view of Waterfront Hope.

I’m sure this notice will make no difference to the unfortunate state of your operations department, and I’m certain your shill game will continue to thrive.

Respectfully yours,

Mrs Fringe

Resigned Intern

Three Card Monte, Jaffa, Israel

Three Card Monte, Jaffa, Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Hope without action is hopeless, but hope, with a plan. A sneaky, convoluted, whispered in the dark, my god it might work plan. With hope, nay hope is too passive, with a fire in your belly, a determination, a driven expectation and some secret hope as a back up plan. Who knows what might come to pass 🙂


  2. A plan whispered in the dark, I like that too.
    I read this last night and had trouble formulating a reply, I think due to relating just a little too much to what you said. Something was also buzzing through my mind to the effect of Acceptance having a penthouse suite and they keep losing the elevator key, leaving us perpetually one floor away…


  3. I like your use of humour to make light of probably a frustrating situation. I hope that you are better soon. You know what they say …. ‘when you get to the end of your rope – tie a knot and hang on’ (F D Roosevelt)


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