Who Invited Sandy?

In case you didn’t hear, the East Coast was hit really hard by Hurricane Sandy.  Over here in New York, still sporadic rain and some significant winds. Many are without power and looking at major damage from winds and flooding.  I hope all are safe, I’m sending good thoughts into the universe for those who are unable to check in right now.  I am lucky, we live uptown and didn’t lose power, uphill from the river so no real flooding threats.  But New York overall is a mess. Schools are closed, the MTA is closed, subway tunnels are flooded, as are some entire neighborhoods, water was literally pouring out of the Battery Tunnel,.  The Ground Zero construction site was flooded. Let’s not forget the collapsing crane 80-90 stories up, on 57th Street.

So, another crappy photo perspective by Mrs Fringe. I’ll do it in 2 or 3 parts, I’m fairly lousy at the whole uploading pics thing, and guaranteed to lose patience before I’m through.

This batch is before the hurricane actually hits us, some yesterday morning, some in the afternoon.

Odd looking sky a few mornings before, connected?

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      1. No I live in Western Canada in Alberta, one province west of in BC they had an earthquake a few days ago. In Eastern Canada, even as far in as Toronto Ontario they felt the affects of Sandy.


        1. Sorry, I couldn’t remember where you are in Canada. I have a friend in Toronto, and I know they were hit. Earthquake? Yikes! Crazy days no matter where you are. Glad you’re well and safe 🙂


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