It’s Aliiiiive

Zombie (novel)

Zombie (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think exhaustion is the reason zombies have taken over as the “it” characters.  That has to be why, cause let’s face it, vampires are much cooler.

But I don’t feel like a vampire. Hell, I don’t even feel like Sookie.  I am, however, so freakin tired I’m having difficulty stringing thoughts together.  Over the last thousand years or so, I’ve gotten used to a certain level of exhaustion, but every so often I go beyond my usual sleep debt, and the sound of my alarm going off in the morning makes me want to howl.

My must-be-done list is beginning to rival my to-do list. I think whatshername from the RHoNY has the right idea.  Sure I have no paying job and I’m a stay at home mom, but I need interns.  Including one to take Flower Child shopping for a Halloween costume.  I don’t need one, thanks.  I’ll just grab a sheet from the toppling laundry mountain and wrap it around myself. Call it a shroud, no make up, and voila!

Soccer Mom Zombie

Soccer Mom Zombie (Photo credit: juco)



  1. With the arrival of Dog, and his absolute contempt of his crate, I’m running a serious deficit as well. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about costuming anybody this year. I hope you’re able to somehow conjure up a few extra hours soon.


      1. Yes, next to her bed, so he can see her when he’s in it, which does help. He’s pretty good at first, and she’s working on the Quiet command, but around 3 a.m. he decides he’s had enough and starts whining. We’ll be glad when he can be out of it.


        1. Are you letting him out for a crazy free-play time right before it’s time to kennel up?

          I’m glad he’s doing well for the first part of the night, it’s hopeful he’ll adjust within a reasonable time frame. ❤


          1. Oh, yes, the play time is part of the nighttime routine, and can’t be skipped. We learned that right away. So we’re out in the backyard at like 9:45, telling him to ‘take a break’, so he can play with his ball for 10 minutes of tearing around the yard like a maniac. Eventually he picks up the ball and walks to the back


    1. Oh, you’re a good mommy! 😀

      I get up crazy early in the morning in order to have time for myself. I need the time for me, but it sacrifices sleep. Much of it, for me, has to do with Flower Child not doing so well right now, so I’m up either with her or checking on her frequently.


      1. It’s true I am pretty fabby lmao.
        Aw I know that feeling. Is she still a little one? Sometimes I try to fit a nap in once hubby gets home from work for an hour or care of disney movies and an older sibling.


  2. Urghhhhhhh I so understand. As a matter of fact- and I am completely serious- I had this site open yesterday to reply here, check the others I follow, maybe even post myself… And fell asleep with my iPad in my face. Yes I did.


    1. Oh and Flower Child has been often on my mind, I hope you see some improvement soon. The Empress has been better as the week has gone along but as you know a cold/fill in the blank is never “just a cold” with either of our sweeties. And I’m nervous about this impending storm,power outages and all that stuff with our medically fragile little ones.


      1. Thank you, SnapIn. I’m glad to hear the Empress is doing better, and yes, Flower Child is too. Just not quite better enough for me to catch up on rest.

        Because we’re still a few days off from when the storm is supposed to hit, I’m hoping Sandy veers out to sea, and it will be just another rainy day for all of us. ❤


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