Mrs Fringe Is 50!


Present (Photo credit: ejorpin)

Yup, this is my fiftieth post.  Is this a big deal in the world of blogging? Nope, but it means something to me.

There’s something about the number that feels like commitment. When I’m working on a full length manuscript, 50 pages is my magic spot.  It means I’ve gone further than just trying an idea, seeing how it flows, can I sustain it?  Nope, when I hit 50 pages I’m all in.  The characters are fleshed out enough to feel real, I’m thinking about them in the shower, and wake up thinking about what they will do today.  The conflicts are getting layered, serious.  In the world of submissions, agents and editors will often ask for a partial; usually the first three chapters or 50 pages if they might be interested after seeing a query letter.  So all of those 50 pages had better be fan-freakin-tastic. Not that you can stop writing and query at this point, don’t bother until you have a completed, edited, re-edited and re-re-edited manuscript.

Because 50 pages isn’t magical commitment for everyone.

turn page

turn page (Photo credit: andy.brandon50)

Much to my initial surprise, I’ve met quite a few writers over the years who have several 50 pages; all starts to manuscripts they never finished.  I was a lot more understanding of the “rules” of publishing, warning writers (unless you are WELL established and WELL published) not to send a query if you don’t have a completed full, once I met a few of those writers.

At fifty posts here in Mrs Fringe land, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve got fringie followers! Not quite 50, but close. I’ve got readers who come by regularly and check out what’s happening, whether they’re official followers or not. I’ve got people who stop by and take the time to comment and join in the conversation; some of whom I know in real life, and a growing number who I’m getting to know through blogging.

And that is what it’s all about.  Blogging is writing, it’s a space to share my thoughts and views, and hear the thoughts and views of others.  It has introduced me to other blogs and other bloggers. In other words, communicating.  Connecting. Growing. The blog is growing–slowly, but steadily. And Mrs Fringe is growing.

My life outside of WordPress is fairly chaotic. Evidenced by weeks when there are only two posts, and other weeks when there are six.  So I’m sending a big thank you to my Fringie readers, followers, and likers on Facebook, for hanging on to the fringe with me, finding out where it takes us.

More canoli

More canoli (Photo credit: diongillard)

Have a canoli, it’s on me.


          1. I say we all remember this, so when we’re 100 and our children/nursing home aides are trying to feed us Farina, we’ve got an acceptable alternative. 😛


          2. For a time my grandmother was in a rehab center, and I used to love bringing her treats to enjoy. When small pleasures are what’s left, why take them away?


  1. Wow, 50!! 😀 I have truly enjoyed following and being part of the conversation from the start. You’ve posted about a lot of thought-provoking stuff, only in part because we share some of life’s challenges. And imagine this- you hit 50 without tapping into the political mire we are all wading through right now. Impressive. 😛 Looking forward to the next 50!

    I wasn’t sure at all I’d continue when I posted for the first time. By the time WP informed me I’d hit 10 it had taken a while but I felt pretty committed. 50 seems a bit far fetched for me. 🙂


    1. Thank you ((((((SnapIn)))))) The conversation is what it’s all about 🙂 LOL, I love to read about and discuss politics, but I’m not nearly well spoken or well informed enough to write a political blog. At least not more than the general, and timeless issues of social justice. 😉

      I am very glad you have continued voicefromthebackseat, I look forward to your posts and the way you share. Apply butt to chair and write has been a part of my life for long enough to be an old friend, and I look forward to seeing it continue, being a part of your conversation in the rearview mirror. ❤


  2. Well done! I just had a look to see how many I’ve posted since I started my current blog (in July this year) and I see I’ve also reached 50! So – you and me – onto our first hundred! 😉


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