Mrs Fringe Leaves a Calling Card

English: Turkish ladies visiting- types and co...

English: Turkish ladies visiting- types and costumes. (1899) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will be working on the unpaid nursing gig I’ve been telling you about. So while I’m tweaking my sloppy hospital corners…

One of my posts is being syndicated today at Backspace to Bookbinding, An Editing Mom’s Vantage Point on Language, Literature, and Writing for the Web. Kendall Hoover shares an editor’s take addressing online writing tips, book recommendations and  reviews, and the business end of online writing–I highly recommend following along.

click on the link above and add Backspace to Bookbinding to your blogroll. Well-Written-Wednesday is one of several established features.

Thanks, Kendall!

Hmm, I think I need a cyber calling card for when I go visiting like this…


  1. Well fine then. I tried to post on your entry there and blogspot hates me! 😛 it wouldn’t take ANY of my identities and informed me I was an invalid personage. I am very happy to see you featured again and hope this continues for you! I had really liked that entry the first time I read it and it was an excellent one to see syndicated. 🙂


    1. LOL, I can’t tell you how often I have a difficult time with the validation words, whatever they’re called, to make sure I’m not a robot. 😀

      And thank you! I’m excited, and very glad you enjoyed the post. If I can just keep building, little by little…one day I’ll find out what happens when you get 30 likes on FB, lol! 😛


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