Score: Life- 80932, Mrs Fringe-1

This is what I want to do today:


DSC_1878 (Photo credit: Lannuit)

This is what I will do today:

NYC: 8th avenue windows through a bus window

NYC: 8th avenue windows through a bus window (Photo credit: Susan NYC)

Not the Chinese food part, the waiting for and riding the bus in the rain part.

Husband is doing much better, still in the hospital but I expect he’ll be able to come home today. For the record, I called it. Cardiac cath done and stent placed yesterday. When I left him last night, he was feeling much better. Between massive quantities of blood thinners and the new stent, a little more rest once he’s home, he should be a supercharged Husband by Friday.  Unfortunate, because I’m so tired I was seriously tempted to shove him out of his massaging hospital bed last night, and get some sleep for myself.  Those beds aren’t cushy, but they’re pretty comfortable, you don’t even need any quarters to get the magic fingers to start.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday in the waiting room next to the Cath lab.  Went downstairs to the cafeteria for a cup of tea and a snack, got all excited because they actually had dill pickle chips. My favorite!  After the first hour, the couple sitting next to the one outlet in the room left, so I was able to settle in and charge my phone. I didn’t have my laptop with me, but I had remembered a book and my iPod, so I had something to do.  What I didn’t have was what I needed–earplugs.  People, hospital waiting room does not mean party room.  If you’ve got company to sit and play the waiting game with you, great. But oh. my. God. There was one group of women who literally didn’t stop yakking and laughing over each other for a second.  There have been times that I’ve sat in waiting rooms by myself, and times that I’ve had company. It’s nice to have company, it can be nerve wracking to sit there–especially once you’re an hour past the estimated wait time. Shut the fuck up!  I thought I showed remarkable restraint when I didn’t get up and shove my now empty pickle chip bag into the open maw of the loudest one.

Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: the real janelle)

I’m not going to think about the laundry that’s piled up, the cleaning that needs to be done, the aortic stenosis they saw during the cath yesterday (yanno, by the valve already replaced once), or the look on Flower Child’s face just now as I told her we have to get and go again today. Still no earplugs, but my blinders are on, and I’m doing what I need to do.


  1. Ah, The Momma Robot Mode. I’ve seen it before. You certainly possess this gift as well. May Husband continue to improve. May Life ease the F^%& off already. Still sending massive e hugs and ❤ your way Mrs. F. Stay strong- but I already know you will. :flower:


  2. Am I correct in saying I do believe we may have missed a Birthday in the shuffle here? If so, Happy belated, for what its worth… and I think you may have received a pretty good present with the relatively good news. ❤


  3. Quietly sitting in a back car on this latest roller coaster ride. Wish I had more to offer than ehugs & support, but it’s what I got. ❤


  4. I am so glad your husband is doing better!
    Until you can get to the cabana, lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour or so, run a hot bath and take a glass of wine with you! 🙂


  5. Glad the good news is good, and hoping the worrisome bits won’t be something to worry about for a long, long time. Oh, how I wish I could book a row of cabanas for my friends.<3


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