Draw, You Varmint!

Warms the cockles of your heart, doesn’t it?

This is the sign currently posted outside the elevator doors in my building. Welcome Home!

How unfortunate that these Pest have been disturbed, I sure am glad it isn’t my fault. At first I thought it was the magic pipe I’ve been playing. It’s the darned construction. Except there isn’t any unusual construction going on our block.  There’s some, but no more than usual. No water main break, no gas line being replaced, no new high rise.

The memo is titled “Vermin.” What kind of vermin? Roaches–already knew about that increase– bedbugs again?, mice, rats, coyotes? Should I trade the dogs in for a feral cat? Shotgun? And what is the wanted pest activity? I want no pests.

Hmm, perhaps those chicken bones I’ve been seeing around aren’t chicken bones. Huge Dead Rat New York Shankbone 2010

In the past year, we’ve had two fires and a significant flood.  Maybe the pests are the locusts I’ve been waiting for.

New York is much, much cleaner than it used to be, I see it as the trade off for the Disnification of Times Square.  If we’re going backwards, with vermin taking over the streets, basements, and subway tunnels; can we get rid of the big box stores and see significant rent reductions?

Banksy Rat Mural: Let them Eat Crack on Broadw...

Banksy Rat Mural: Let them Eat Crack on Broadway & Howard, SoHo, New York (Photo credit: caruba)



      1. Maybe just a sorry note? I mean, they are just disturbed, not like upset, annoyed or pissed off or anything right? If so, perhaps the gift basket is the way to go.


          1. If these are in fact reefing pests, not to be confused with reef pests, or reef pets, then, well, yes, yes it should!


  1. Pesky Zombies!

    When I was a kid, we lived in a rent-controlled apartment complex, and pets were not aloud. However, we got a cat anyway. That year, she caught no less than one mouse a month.

    Someone reported us to the housing authority, who told is to get rid of our animal. My mother told them we’d get rid of ours, if they got rid of theirs.

    We had that cat for a long time, after that.


  2. We can’t let the kids down by the pond too early in the morning or once it gets dusky because we’ve seen a bear down there twice in the last month. However, I do believe I’d freak if I saw a roach in my kitchen. 😛


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