Wake Up!…Your Early Morning Call

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love

Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love (Photo credit: Piano Piano!)

A little Kate Bush playing on the iPod in an attempt to prod myself along.  Not sure what today’s sin is, but it feels appropriate to have that background voice proclaiming “guilty, guilty, guilty!”

I’m about 5 hours late for my usual blogging time.  On a good day, I have 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours to myself before anyone else wakes up. My most productive time of day since I had children, though I’m not a morning person by nature.

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s my time to work out, check my (non-Mrs Fringe) Facebook acct, read and answer emails, and now blog.  Hmm, either I’m over-scheduled for that time slot, or there’s something very wrong with my time management skills cause I haven’t been getting half of those things done since Man Child and Nerd Child left, and Flower Child began school.

It used to be two hours of focused time, but Flower Child’s new school is further away than the old one, so we need to leave the house earlier.  For those who don’t live in NY, getting kiddos off to school is different than most of the rest of the country (if you’re an at home mom, different again if you’re getting yourself off to a paying job no matter where you are).  Yes, we NY mamas also get up, get the kids up and fed, make lunch, meds for the med needs kiddo (s), and all that other fun morning trauma, but we have to get ourselves dressed, no waving to the school bus driver in our pj’s. Somewhere in here I also walk the beasts.

A man and his son dancing to the band in Times...

A man and his son dancing to the band in Times Square station (Photo credit: wwward0)

Then walk to the train, down and down the subway steps, catch the train, ride a few stops, up and up the train steps, walk from the train to the school, and then get ourselves home; to be repeated at pick up time. Most days, I’m grateful my days of carrying a stroller up and down those steps are over.  When Flower Child isn’t well and needs assistance, I’m wishing I still had it.

This morning I went grocery shopping after dropping her off (Trader Joe’s is my best friend). Husband even came to pick me up, so a morning that started off behind schedule picked up nicely. Started cooking the Doggie Gumbo for the week, unloading the groceries, and the phone rang. Mother in Law needed Husband to help her get Father in Law to the ER.

Just another morning in Fringe World.  I really need to work on my schedule, but for now, I’m going to put Jig of Life on for the 8th time, and dance around the empty apartment.

“I put this moment…………………here.”

Steel Drowned

Steel Drowned (Photo credit: NeoGaboX)


  1. Our school mornings were planned down to 10min increments, with 3 kids to get ready it was the only way they all made it out the door on time. (I absolutely cannot imagine doing this with a subway involved.) It used to be mayhem all at once, then one kid at a time started leaving earlier and earlier. Now it’s a three hour stretch. And then first one, then two, kids added breathing treatments to the fun. Recalcitrant, sullen teenager loves this, given the high school bus comes at the unholy hour of just past 6am. He’s the giving sort and spreads this love freely. The Empress is great some days, others turns the hour she needs for this into “we get half done and we’re lucky to accomplish that.” In the middle is the beast who needs a bomb to blow him out of bed 20min before the bus.

    The house is a tornado when they leave and I HATE Monday mornings, because the house is already a tornado from the weekend. Too bad we weren’t just a liiiiiitle closer. We could trade off from time to time. I’d bring Flower Child to school and you could give Sullen Teenager the evil eye till he got those treatments done. I’d leave the coffee out for you.


    1. I wish we could trade off and help each other out. I’m quite good at the evil eye, yanno.

      Yes, Monday mornings are particularly painful. 😦 Us and the rest of the world, lol!


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