OMG OMG!!! Thank you, WordPress

The Surprised Onion Man

The Surprised Onion Man (Photo credit: smithco)

This is a new blog, and I am a new blogger.  Imagine my shock when I came home this evening to find I had an explosion of hits.  First, I checked to see if something had gone awry with the spam filter. Nope.  I approved and answered the pending comments, and then followed the trail on the stats page to find Going to Hell With Gasoline Drawers On had been chosen for today’s Freshly Pressed.  Thank you WordPress, and thank you to all who took the time to follow the trail and check out Mrs Fringe.  I hope you enjoyed, and hope you’ll come back.


    1. I can’t really say yet, it was freshly pressed on Friday afternoon, and it’s early Sunday morning now, but as a very new blogger, I didn’t have many followers (yet). If I can hold onto 10% from those who found me from the feature, I’ll be thrilled—and hopefully be able to figure out continuing to build my audience and relationships with others in the WP community from there.

      I’m glad you came to check it out, and came back to look again 🙂


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