Life Happens, and Death, Too

When I began this blog last week, I had every intention of posting every day for at least the first month.  I didn’t even make it a week.

You know how you look forward to summer, and have grand ideas for seeing and catching up with all your friends, even if you can’t have a fabulous vacation?  I make these plans in my head every year, and then usually, about a week before Labor Day, realize I haven’t seen a quarter of the people I wanted to, and the precious last days of summer must sadly be filled with obligations and getting the kids ready to go back to school.

This summer has been different, and I’ve already seen more than half of the friends I’d hoped to.  Stellar planning? No. Funerals.  In the past month, the mothers of two of my closest friends have passed away, as did the child of another long time, childhood friend (the very fact of which is a pain more exquisite than any other imaginable).  Not exactly the way we’d all hoped to get together.

And, three days ago, my mother died. Tomorrow is her funeral.

Deutsch: Trauerkranz an einem Grab in Baden-Wü...

Deutsch: Trauerkranz an einem Grab in Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland; bestehend unter anderem aus roten und gelben Rosen sowie Lilien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am grateful to have  friends to offer comfort and support to me, Husband, Man Child, and Nerd Child, and Flower Child. The understanding offered, born of  many years of long standing relationships, of how complex mourning is. Even now (especially now?), forty thousand years old and finding we need to have  funeral attire at the ready in our closets for all seasons.

So, for anyone who might have been becoming interested in my ramblings, I haven’t disappeared, and will continue to post, but the beginning is and will be a bit more sporadic than I had hoped.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I’m so sorry.
    Don’t worry about posting regularly to your blog – or even posting at all unless it help you in some way. I lost my mother (and father) a long time ago but still remember the pain. It takes time and things change for you along the way.


  2. Mrs. Fringe, I’m so sorry about your mother. Expected or not, it’s a void that’s impossible to fill. My heart’s with you, and I agree– Death’s been visiting way too much. Even when he phones ahead, he’s seldom welcome.


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